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One Year Old Cutey

A couple weeks ago we went to this little guy's house to photograph his one-year-old cuteness!
This usually good-natured baby decided he didn't like my camera but at the end of the day we still got a few smiles out of him :)
Judahtake2 (6)
Judahtake2 (19)
Sneak Peek- Judah is One!
Judahtake2 (8) Judahtake2 (10) Judah-1 (24) Judah-1 (23) Judah-1 (22) Judah-1 (21) Judah-1 (14) Sneak Peek!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Saw The Light...

We were enjoying an early supper the other evening. Daddy was working late and we were eating "kid food:" Quesadillas, apples, tortilla chips... and banana bread for dessert. As I sliced the warm banana bread I glanced out the kitchen window and saw the most glorious light streaming through our back woods. I served the kids their buttered bread and told everybody I would be right back "just trying to catch some rays before the sun goes down!"
I grabbed my camera, slipped into my boots and ran across our little field toward the woods. Our baby goats caught sight of me and started crying for attention. I ran down the tiny path towards the light, ignoring the noise and the spider webs collecting in my hair...
The sunset, streaming through the trees was absolutely gorgeous!


A few moments later, my kids gathered on the back porch and called out "Mom, mom! Can we have some more banana bread?!" I tried answering "sure, just a minute!" but they didn't hear me over the racket of the baby goats so they kept on yelling louder "MOM!!!" I refuse to shriek at my kids across the back yard so I trudged up to the house and served more bread as the sun went down and the woods turned dark blue. I was feeling selfish and grouchy. "Were you guys having a banana bread emergency? No. All I asked was 5 minutes to take a few pictures and yet I find myself being yelled at by four goats and three children." My little girl leaned over and whispered to her big brother "what is 4+3?" he whispered back "seven."

She piped up with an impish grin "So, you had seven kids yelling at you, huh?"

Yep. I guess that's true. Seven kids who need me. Seven kids who are pretty darn cute :)