Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby, baby, baby!

Here are some photos from my first infant photo shoot. This baby is such a handsome little man, and quite the model- he woke up soon after we began and struck little poses for me!
While I'm happy with the images, I still have a lot of room for improvement and I welcome constructive criticism.

Skin tone

My skin tones are often too orange or red. Take a look at this cute little guy:
I fiddle around until I get something that may or may not be better...
or I convert to black & white.
Any ideas?

Sunday, October 3, 2010


It's been a while since I have posted anything and I'd like to catch up. I went on vacation with my family- my husband's whole family went to North Carolina together and it was amazing! We stayed in a house on the beach that was big enough for all 20 of us. We did all kinds of wonderful "vacationy" things: we played on the beach, went on a boat ride and watched dolphins playing around the boat, we played putt-putt golf where my 3 yr. old nephew got a hole in one (I think that we should watch that one!) that's the same nephew who, when asked what he thought of the ocean answered "well, it moves a little bit." Here are some photos:

pardon the random rooster shot. He was at the right place at the right time so he got his picture taken!

"I like the sand but not the beach!"

Talk about luxury, a nap on the beach!