Friday, December 30, 2011

A Grand Day Out

Well, they were out of the hutch but in the house so I guess it would be "a grand day in." 
I pictured them scampering all around the kitchen, hopping and playing, but it turns out our kitchen is a really scary place. 

 ...but there is lettuce!

Bingley relaxing by the heat vent.

So on the whole I think Darcy and Bingley's first visit was a success! Maybe next time I'll bring them in while the kids are awake :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Update

I think that late last night I promised you more updates- not that anyone is begging for such information but I have some fun news... so I'm sharing anyway! 
On December 10th we went to our usual Christmas tree farm and as usual there was a tractor, and a hayride, and lots and lots of aromatic, dark green trees. There was also the usual huge pile of hay 
and also goats and bunnies. 
But this year we noticed that our children enjoyed the bunnies. 
A lot. 
They fed them grass. And blew them kisses when it was time to go. 
 My husband, being the astute man that he is, bought the bunnies and hid them away at his parents house until Christmas!
We named them Darcy and Bingley.
We later discovered that they are females, but the names had already stuck. 
So I guess they are Elizabeth Darcy and Jane Bingley :)
 On Christmas morning the kids were too full of Holiday spirit to really appreciate the bunnies and I thought maybe they were a miss but now that the glamour of Christmas is wearing off the kids and bunnies are growing more and more comfortable with each other- I think we almost have them domesticated!
The bunnies, of course ;)

can you tell how excited he is about his "bu-eese"?

My little girl has definitely taken on the role of care-giver and when she walks out to the hutch, the bunnies perk up their ears and look to see what she has brought for them. Her confidence is so cute (can you tell she put her pants on all by herself?)!
You may have noticed that there are no photos of my oldest boy with the rabbits.
He does like them, in fact he asked me to take a video of him giving a talk about how to care for "the brave little fellows" but he doesn't want to touch them because he would have to wash his hands. Hmm, that sounds like something the famous Mr. Darcy might say.

Back Deck Update

After leaving rusty old nail photos laying around here for so long I feel like you deserve an update... 


My man did such a good job! 

yeah, I really want him in the picture and he REALLY objects- but I'm going to get my way this time. Sort of.
He's so handsome :)

it's true that he had a dedicated helper...

in fact,
it probably would have been easier for him if he didn't have so much help, but who can resist 
such a sweet face! 
There. Now you have been updated!
Maybe tomorrow you will get an update on Christmas- goody!
Take care and good night.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Delightful Rusty Nails

My husband is overhauling our back deck- he has torn off the rotten old boards which means that I get to be super helpful and... 
photograph the old nails! 
Don't look at me like that. 
He doesn't mind :)
{It seems like I should have something really clever to say here, 
but I can't think of anything 
so I'm just going to post my photos}

{So that clever remark you've been waiting for? Nope. Still nothing}

I hope you are having a great weekend!