Friday, September 10, 2010

My Summer in Review

This has been a great summer! My kids are at a young age and they are making many discoveries. I'm also learning allot about them...

This boy is super competitive
this girl is not :)
they both love to sing
and they decided that water is awesome...
and exhausting...
they proved that they have big personality
and they can be big helpers.
They found things to play
and things to share.
They tasted "awicious" foods
and some... not so much
and a couple weeks ago, my baby learned how to walk!
Here are some of the things that my oldest said this summer:

“Woah, my legs don’t feel very runny right now.”

“The hummingbird flew away and now there’s a real bird on the back porch.”

“May I step on the scale to see how much I waste?”

“I need to work on my bike. The engine is not very good.”

"Of course it's cute, it's a little boy!"


  1. The one of your daughter wrapped in the towel is a fantastic shot!!

  2. What a great post! Those photos are AMAZING :D

  3. LOVE love love this post! How did I miss it before?! I'm so glad that you write these cute little things down.