Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Photo

This was my first family photo session, thankfully I was shooting an awesome family, and aren't those boys adorable?
The weather was perfect for photography and the park was crowded with people who had the same idea as us but we still found some great spots and I cleaned stray people out of a few backgrounds afterwards. I'm so thankful for Photoshop!
The littlest little guy gave me a run for my money, let's just say he didn't want to pose for the camera but I still got a few smiles out of him- what a cute boy!
I brought a stuffed bear and balanced it on my head to keep the kids' attention. It kept falling off, and the littlest guy looked at me like I had lost my mind! Big brother took good care of Bear while he played on the train.
This last one is just a snapshot but I still like the warm loving feel.


  1. I like that last snap shot; although it is not a formal portrait shot it is so very family!!

  2. What a great shoot! And that train is so fun :D Awesome.