Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

1. Stairs
Yep, it's raining today.
 2. Macro

3. Clouds

4. Abstract

 5. Smile
my brand new nephews!


  1. You photos are wonderful. Love the clouds and the wet steps.....I can almost smell them and is your macro rock melon skin ????

  2. Great shots! Those baby smiles are so sweeeeeet!

  3. Wonderful collection! Those baby smiles are the best! And what is your macro? Cantaloupe or melon of some sort?


  4. Fantastic set Abi! Smile is so adorable, but I love them all! Love your shadows and textures in abstract!

  5. Amazing set Abi!! Love them all!! That macro has to be a cantaloupe, right?

  6. Thanks y'all! Yep, it's cantaloupe!

  7. Oh Abi! These are SO sweet. I just adore your pic of A & E - what great smiles! I'm kinda jealous that you got such an amazing shot of A, I snapped a couple when we visited on Sunday buy I only had a bit of lamp light to shoot in so that was challenging, to say the least. I wish yould have been there to see J & TC wrestling. It started as a dance-off and it was the cutest thing ever.
    I also just love your steps shot. The tones and DOF are just lovely. I am so so so glad I got to see you this weekend! Can't wait to see more of the pics you took of E while we were there.

  8. Your nephews are so cute! And I love your stairs shot... it almost looks like ice, which makes me totally crave winter.