Thursday, November 17, 2011

Falling Behind

Well, I'm behind on processing and posting. Again. 
I'm blaming this nice weather. These photos are from last month but oh well!
My little girl scoured the yard for a best friend, and she finally found a little green inchworm. 
They quickly formed a strong attachment (well she did anyway) 
and then she dropped him. 
We immediately formed a search party but apparently 
he was the last inchworm in the whole region so she had to resort to gathering pretty leaves... 

you can see that she is thrilled.
No, really!

Now, my littlest boy doesn't have the same troubles. He likes things that stay right where you put them.

And even if you lose one, there are always plenty more...
Yes, he much prefers rocks. 

Although I'm guessing he has his share of fickle inchworms in his future  :)

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  1. these are such sweet shots! love the intensity of them all