Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Love & Other Drugs

Hey there, how have you been? I've missed you... sorry I haven't been around much,
I just haven't had anything to say. 
Maybe I've been too busy trying to overhaul my personality, deep clean my house and morph into a sane productive SAHM? Nah, that should only have taken a day or two, right?
This must be a simple case of writer's block or inspiration deficiency.
08 28 12_1664 copy
Makes me think of a movie we watched the other night where a desperate author with writer's block and a looming deadline took an interesting clear pill on a whim and immediately discovered that it enabled him to access all of his brain. His new mental clarity made him focused, brilliant and successful at absolutely everything- if only for 24hrs before the drug wore off and he felt compelled to take another... what a terrible addiction. And yet I caught myself thinking Heck yeah, I'll take it!
Anyway, Monday was pretty typical: all I did was laundry.
08 28 12_1554
Well, and there happen to be three awesome kids around here to hang out with.
08 28 12_1586
Oh, and I also picked up ice cream to share with my husband.
Which may have been a stroke of genius.
 But no one offered me an interesting clear pill (or any pill for that matter) so Tuesday was pretty much the same: teaching, parenting, loving, playing and cleaning. Nothing special.
"May I join you?"

08 28 12_1705
(my idea of a good pose)
08 28 12_1708
(her idea of a good pose)
Now, it's getting late and still no friends or dealers have offered me anything to make me brilliant or focused so I guess I'll have to fall back on the old stand by...

...caffeine ;)


  1. Hay, there's nothing wrong with a good caffeine boost ... granted it is not a clear your brain make you focused answer, but it does give you a little energy with which to try to do those things for yourself ... as for creative block, with pictures like these ... no way. You are too good and have the sense to wait for the good things to happen. I have passed an award to you from my blog ... stop over and pick it up. No obligations on your part, just enjoy the fact that you deserve it.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  2. some times caffeine....
    some times sleep is the answer...
    good night dear one

  3. Lovely set of pictures, Abi! I really like the color edit on the first picture and the expression on your son's face in the 3rd photo.

    Gretchen Rubin would remind us that "the things we do everyday matter more than the things we do once in a while." I think about that often.

    Just in case, I don't think I will be giving up my caffeine and chocolate! ;)