Monday, June 14, 2010


Yes, I skipped yesterday ("ornament") because I have completely run out of creative steam. Does anyone else feel like that? The other entries last week were incredible and inspiring. I have been stretched and I have grown but yesterday and today I don't feel up for the challenge. Our Random Word Prompt today is "drizzle." I love that word! It makes me think of this:

and this:

but what is a creative way to include the word or theme "Drizzle" in my artwork? I just don't know!


  1. Must be why it's called "boot camp", lol. :D

  2. I had to take a few days off because my weekend was just way too busy. I'm still trying to finish up our school year so that has me overwhelmed as well. wish I had more time to do this exercise.

  3. love the cheesecake! I'd love to see more of a macro shot of that. Or you could do sort of a drip of paint. Would that count? I havnen't kept up with the photo challenge since Mom R came to visit, need to get back on the wagon! :)
    Love you sis.