Saturday, February 5, 2011

the Joy of Love

Today is my first time linking up with {the Joy of Love} e-class. I'm a few days behind and when I read the assignment for today {what you love to hate} I thought to myself "Good grief! I can't think of anything!" But I looked into the kitchen and my little guy was climbing up to the table. Again.
He will also climb onto the table, up the ladder of the bunk bed, onto my desk... I'm surprised how much he can climb considering how short he is!
This is a brand new phase, a new passion.
and even though he has already fallen a few times he still thinks he's invincible!
He's also really cute and I love to watch him learn and grow right before my eyes! So this isn't really something that I "love to hate" but it is a challenge and a joy to let him explore!


  1. This is priceless, just love it!!! I know exactly what you mean, my son is older now and so has progressed to couch jumping, which I hate!...yet all that energy does bring a smile to my lips!!

  2. beautiful pictures!!! love his smile!