Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I had a baby boy...

...and now he is two!

He has grown so fast, it seems like he was born just a few days ago.

It was early Monday morning, drizzly, much like today but labor with him was perfect- each contraction felt strong and intense but between contractions I felt like dancing!
Throughout my pregnancy with him I wondered how I would handle three little ones (especially while my husband was at work or out of town) but in the last few weeks my anxiety was replaced with boundless excitement and curiosity about our new little person.

My memory is that when he was born, the sun shone through the clouds and the day became beautiful and clear, and his personality is so cheerful and sunny! Not that those things are related :)

Anyway, he was welcomed with open arms by his whole family, but the funniest was his big sister. Her mothering instincts kicked into full gear and she seemed to think that she should be his primary care giver. She would say "Mine babeeee."

Big brother took good care of him too. The first time he held his baby brother he whispered in his ear and then said
"I told him how to walk."
And even though the time has flown by, this little boy has just as much of my heart as the others. He is my little sunshine. My Bingley boy (those who know Pride and Prejudice will remember that Mr. Bingley was always in a rage to approve of everything and everyone that he met.)
Here's my Bingley boy:


He is such a cutie! Friendly with everyone, playful, ticklish, inquisitive and busy. He doesn't talk much but he makes all kinds of sounds- his word for Airplane is actually the sound an airplane makes!
The kid really likes airplanes- in fact he is SO taken that we decided to put airplanes on his birthday cake...

And now that he is officially two he pitched a classic two-year-old fit and asked to go potty- twice!
I think it's hilarious that he entered this phase literally on his 2nd birthday and I can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve!

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  1. this is SO sweet!! Hope he had a great birthday!! :)