Friday, October 14, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...

Well, I know we need the rain but I was starting to think we might never see the sun again. 
And here it is, shining away as if it's been here all along! ;)
And now that the sun is shining, I can appreciate my rain drop photos from earlier in the week.
I don't have time to edit any of these so you'll have to imagine what these could be if they were photo-shopped. In fact, you can let me know if you have ideas. Enjoy!

This is my favorite! 


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love that deep shade of fushia or purple or pink... Whatever it is I LOVE IT! :0) Great captures!

  2. If you'll continue taking photos like that - I wish for the rain to stay.

  3. Gorgeous. The color is awesome and the raindrop falling is just perfect.

  4. Love the last pretty with the droplets!

  5. Oh wow! Those are such lovely captures of the rain. I love them all!

  6. Wonderful... you see the blessings in the dreary days!
    idea for edit (I don't know how to do it but...) if there is a way to emphasize the web with the rain, make it pop out more... my eyes lose it in the background.

  7. Your colors are so vibrant and beautiful and the softness of the webs are amazing. Well done