Friday, March 23, 2012

My Brand New 6 Year Old

That's right, my boy is turning six today!
He is an amazing kid, full of imagination, energy, curiosity, intelligence and affection.
My son, you are loved more than you know!

This morning Geoff took him to Waffle House because our son says that it's the best restaurant in America :)
Last year I couldn't help but share some of the funny things he has said.
Well, he is still saying the sweetest things and keeping us laughing! Here are a few of his sayings:

"I wish my dad would come home, he's a fascinating man."

"Mom, I'm an Astronaut and I came back from outer space because I forgot to give you a hug and kiss."

"Mommy, when I grow up I want to marry you... so I can live in your house forever”

 ‎"You hurt my feelings! Now I only have one feeling left."

"Troodons were the smartest, most awesome dinosaurs... and now they are dead."

As he climbed into the warm van on a freezing cold day: "I'm a snowman and I'm sad because I'm going to melt."

“So, when do I start getting paid for this School work?” 

A discussion about how seeds work: "Well, you put the seed in the ground and then you put up a sign that says what kind of plant you want. God sees the sign and makes that plant grow." I teasingly asked “what about a cookie plant?” he replied “Of course not! God doesn't work that way.”
As he sat down in the chair at the Barber shop he asked "So, have you worked here long?"
‎‎‎‎"Hey mom, could you make lunch for (imaginary friend) Scott and his 13 kids?"
One day he was pretending to be unconscious (he said his problem was "hibernation") we pretended to try all kinds of things: oxygen, a blood transfusion, etc... but when we resorted to a tickle-ectomy he said "Doctors don't do that."

"Mom, how do you spell "Spaghetti and Meatbulbs?" 

"I'm doing a special exercise called "running in the kitchen!"

"I loved when I was a kid!" 

"My tie is so tight, it could kill me."

One afternoon I overheard him playing his little guitar and singing at the top of his lungs: "I love you but I can't count on you and you can't count on me either...!"

‎"Ferrari and Mustang both have a horse on the front, but you can tell which is which because they look completely different!" 

One morning he said "Mom, come look in the mirror!" I went into the bathroom and pretended to freak out when I saw myself. He laughed and said "I knew that would scare you."

After talking about what to do in case of fire he said "Ok, I won't run back into the house... except to rescue my blue doggy."
‎"Hey! A new idea just flew upon my head!"

“I want to step on the scale to see how much my feet weigh.”

"Hey look! My little brother is coloring like a real boy!"

He learned about the minute hand and the hour hand in School- the next day he saw the second hand on a clock and said “Wow, that skinny hand is going crazy!”

At the zoo he said "Hey, let's go to the little rascal house and see my favorite snake- the boa constranger."

After Mommy kissed little sister goodnight she wiped her lips and mom acted shocked "did you just wipe off my kiss? Well, here is ANOTHER kiss!" she laughed as we played this game for a minute and from the top bunk big brother offered his expert opinion "Mom, I think she's wiping off the slobberness and keeping the kiss."

Thrilled lizard

While running around the kitchen with mouth open and hands on neck: "Hey look! I'm a thrilled lizard!"
Happy Birthday, thrilled lizard boy!