Thursday, March 24, 2011

Make em' laugh

 Yesterday was my baby boy's birthday...

Well, he's not exactly a baby anymore :) 
He really wants to be big- in fact he's always wanted to be big! 
He rolled over for the first time when he was two weeks old, 
he started crawling when he was two months old, 
and he walked across the room when he was six months old! 
And he has not slowed down since... sometimes I forget that he's still a little kid! 
Yesterday I planned to share a few of his sayings but I ran out of time.

So here are some of the things that keep me laughing:

One chilly Sunday morning when he was about 18 months old, we headed out the door for church. As I put him in his car seat I said you look sharp! He replied No, I cold!

A couple months before his second birthday I handed him a picture book and said Would you like to read this? He replied No tank you. Is just pictures.

Whenever I asked him if he was stinky he would respond Nope, how ‘bout you?

When he was sad he would say "My boy is so sad"

A couple months before his 3rd birthday he said 
Mom, let’s not make the van jump like a Monster truck, let’s stay on the ground.

I tackled myself and hurt my thumb!

The day after his 3rd birthday he asked  Does supper make the sun go up, or down?

I knew Daddy when he was Superman.

I hurt my feelings all by myself!

Hey Dad, I’m Spider man! ...I need a little help.

 I’m almost a big man! When will my voice get weird?

A snake never hissed up to me before.

I'm so hungry I could eat a sky scraper! But that would not be healthy.

My husband told him that cleats make him run faster. He asked "Does fire shoot out the back of them? That would be super awesome."

And my all time favorite from a few months ago:

I guess my hypothesis was wrong... I don't know everything.

And at dinner this evening when he was served soup that he doesn't care for he said 
"I wasn't born for this."

Happy Thursday everybody!


  1. Hahahaha! He's ALWAYS been a funny guy. Can't believe he's 5!

  2. hahaha, I just love seeing all his "sayings" on Facebook! And WOW! Crawling at 2 months???!? He DID want to be big! : )

  3. These sayings are sooooo funny! I got tears of laughter in my eyes.

    Give the big boy a hug for me - and the other grandkids, too.



  4. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! I just recently started keeping track of the funny things my son says. {Sadly, he's 9} But my memory is failing me, so it's fun to read the reminders! {I heart your blog, btw! Thanks for the good read!}