Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Thankful Heart

Yesterday was such a good day... everybody was (mostly) cheerful, we worked, we learned we played... 
I even got to work out!

My little guy discovered the "ball" in the sky
(he didn't believe me when I told him it's called the Moon)

My big boy discovered a new hiding place...

I felt like a really good mom. So happy and thankful for everything in my life.

But that was yesterday.

Today is cold and rainy. 
I'm sore from that awesome work out.
The pile of dishes and laundry makes me feel guilty.
My kids didn't take good naps and they are really, really grumpy.
I taught them Philippians 2:14 "Do everything without complaining or arguing" 
(between you and me, I don't think my 1 yr. old was paying attention ;)
I keep reminding them to be cheerful and thankful... but what about my own heart? 

Makes my think of a Chris Rice song I listened to when I was a kid...

"Oh, why do the good days end?
Makes me wonder now
With the way I feel
If yesterday was even real
And why, oh why do You seem so far away
Could it be that I’ve gone too far this time
And can I make You change Your mind, oh...
Why should any day,
Be like today?

Do I wallow in my insecurities?
Do I trust what my feelings are tellin’ me?
Or do I rest in the promise You made me
That You’ll never leave?
Oh, today my heart believes
That the truth remains
You never change
Your love for me is still the same, oh...
Why can’t every day,

Be like today?"


  1. Great post...so true. And I just LOVE photo # 3 & 4!

  2. Oh, I know the feeling. It seems as though a tornado follows a good day. As a mother you choose to have fun with the kids instead of clean so then the next day you have twice as much as the day before, but you will always have the good day to get you threw the chores. Wonderful post and sincerity.