Saturday, March 26, 2011

The new string mop

I resist change with a passion, and today's change was no exception. I have to admit that when the specific change is my idea I think it's great but when someone else suggests it, that's another matter all together.

This was my husband's idea... and he has a really good track record for having awesome ideas

But good track record or not I was willing to bet that this new scheme wouldn't work. See, this time I knew what I was talking about. I was raised with a sponge mop and they work miracles! Even a wimp like me can wield it fast enough to mop the entire kitchen before the kids realize what's happening and run in to see if they can slip and slide before mom chases them out with her amazing speedy cleaning machine (or someone falls and gets a huge goose egg, whichever comes first). I'm not interested in change. I'm happy the way I am.

So anyways, he came home with the Thing about two months ago and I haven't touched it.  Until today. Company was coming (about 20 people) and he really wanted the floor to be clean so he showed me why his mop works better than my old Speedy Sponge and then he left me alone with the String Thing and my thoughts as I tried it out:

This is stupid. It's not going to work...

this twisting and wringing is such a pain.

Oh. it does work...

Wow, it's doing a really good job.

There is no denying how sparkly and clean this floor is!

What else can I mop? 

****I may or may not have been mopping at the party****



The down side is that I have to admit he's right again.

The up side is that we had 20 people over so I get to mop again!


  1. OK.... post a photo of this amazing String Thing... 'cause it does not sound like the beasts of my acquaintance!!!

  2. hahaha I love it! my husband is always right too so I can relate :) this post also reminds me that I REALLY need to mop my kitchen :)

  3. good stuff!! {not that I hate it that my husband is RIGHT... it's that he is right ALL THE STINKIN TIME!!} btw... I need to mop.

    be blessed