Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nature Walk

After lunch, we went for a walk... 
and what did we see?

and Bears, oh my!

and a boat load of other amazing animals...

No Llama Drama Here!

doesn't he look so cheerful? He said "Baa!" which almost scared the willies out of my big boy!


And they all took a good long nap.
~The End~


  1. That peacock is really beautiful, the colors are so vibrant and lovely! Great pictures!

  2. Did you all drive in to Zoo Atlanta? If you walked all around the zoo, no wonder they took long naps! Excellent photos - very high quality compositions. Love, Dad

  3. Hey Dad,
    We went to an animal rehabilitation center that is very close to our house. We have been there many times, but I've never brought my 70-210mm lens with me :) I'm sure you would enjoy this place, it's a nature trail with animals all around that have been rescued or donated by people who thought they could keep a wild animal as a pet (like the ostrich! Who keeps an ostrich in their house as a pet??) You can see them even better than the animals at the zoo.

  4. I was wondering if it was a real walk with real animals; or maybe a real WALK with imaginary animals!!!