Friday, September 7, 2012

Spider Lilies (Part 2)

This month, I'm taking an online photography class from SweetViolet and I'm prepared to share a lot of class homework with you! One of the assignments this week was about finding inspiration from other photographers, picking a favorite and trying to capture the same tone and quality of light. I've never done this before and I admit the project seemed a little daunting but it didn't take long to find the photographer I want to imitate- I am totally enamored with this photographer and I would love to borrow a horse so I could do an equestrian session like this!
I couldn't get my hands on a horse this week, so I decided to stick with the obliging spider lily:
Exposure Assignment (Pt 2)
Overall, I'm not satisfied with this- I don't think my composition, tones or lighting are as pure and calm as Ditte Isager but it's a start and I won't give up! 


  1. Love your first shot, the composition, light and overall simplicity is all gorgeous. It feel so peaceful to me.

    THANK YOU for the link, what stunning work that photographer does!!!

  2. I think these shots are wonderful!
    I have never heard of or seen Spider Lillies before!
    Nicely done!