Sunday, September 30, 2012

Charlotte's (disposable) web

This is one interesting spider: 
09 13 12_2497
we walked through discovered her web across our back door early one morning 
so we removed the web and put her in the bushes. 
Normal garden spider encounter.
Except she continued to rebuild her big old web across our door every night for a week and every morning the kids would come to the door and look for the big spider in the window. 
And then she would be evicted. Again.
You can see from this picture that our friend is starting to grow tired of this routine- she hasn't even bothered to weave her typically perfect zigzag pattern on the web- which makes sense, I suppose, since she knows this web will only last one night!


  1. did she give up that location after a week?

  2. She did... now there is a different spider in her place!