Friday, October 5, 2012

Nap Time

Somebody isn't sleepy...
10 05 12_3310
I went into his room to encourage him to sleep and he said "Me baby. Peas sing me baby song" so I sang "Baby mine" to him. He giggled and propped his feet up on the side railing of the bed, just like he has been doing every day since he was a tiny baby.... ah kid, if only you knew how much I want you to stay a baby :)


  1. I remember another baby girl who used to grab her blanket (and thumb) and turn her back to me... as if to say "you can go now and let me sleep!"

  2. What a beautiful little boy!!! Love that photo!

  3. Abi this is gorgeous! What a beautiful shot. Love, love, love it. Thanks for linking up! :)

  4. those eyes!!! what a sweet story too :) they grow up way too fast.