Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowy Days

We've had a lot of snow and ice around here -it's lasted all week which is more than we are used to and reactions at my house are mixed: My oldest boy was really excited at first but it turned out to be too hard and not good for making snow balls- in fact our entire yard turned into solid ice over night!
My girl's comment "I don't wike it, I want dee kind that makes snowmen." and when she saw that it was icy 2 days in a row she said "Diss must be the Nof Pole!"
My littlest guy took his blanket outside with him so he was fine until he realized that he couldn't suck his thumb with mittens on.

We should have named them Linus & Lucy!

now it's melting and my little people are looking for proper snow tonight... the kind that makes snowmen.


  1. Aww - your kiddos are so sweet! I love the photos and am keeping fingers crossed for some of the good stuff for you :D

  2. Love the 3rd one up, the three ice drips. Great shots Abi.