Monday, January 17, 2011


I was wrong, the snow did not melt away and we ventured out to see if our yard was still glassy. The kids actually cried when they heard that we were going outside: "Why are we going out there? We will all fall down!" but the ice had melted just enough that we could have some fun...
and even make a slushy snow man!
the next morning this is what we saw when we went out to check on him:
apparently he wanted a new look. And that's ok with me, at least we got our snow man!


  1. That snow man is adorable. I am jealous of the colder weather. It has been 75-80 here all week long. It's nice, but doesn't fit the season. I want to be bundled up in sweaters and making snowmen.

    Great pics!

  2. That is so fun! We have yet to make a snowman here! Though we have had snow, we just haven't gotten to play in it.