Monday, April 25, 2011

One, Two, Free!

My little girl is "Free years owd" today! It's hard to believe...she will always be my baby girl!
Her 1st smile!
1 month old.

Big brother loves her! He called her "wittle girl" and gave her presents :)

2 months old.

6 months old.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Sweet big sister! 

Little Momma.

She asked for a "mink" (pink)  Birthday! 
She said her cake was "awicious!"

"I so cute"

One evening I told my girl "I'm going to go fix my hair, I'll be right back." she said 
"Oh! Will it be pink?"

 At nap time one afternoon I laid down beside her for a minute and she was very generous "I'll suck one thumb and you can have the other. It tastes wike wemonaide" :)

She found a caterpillar outside. 

Unfortunately she fell down while she was holding it and she cried 

"Oh no! I fell on my best friend!"

Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet girl!