Monday, April 4, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

1. High Key
Did any one else find this really challenging? I plan to try again :)

2. Bedroom
I know this isn't very artistic but I love how they entertain each other!

 3. Something Tiny
Inch worm!

4. Off in the Distance
this is one of my lovely sisters (in law)

5. Stripes

Check out all the other photographer's interpretations @ Ramblings and Photos


  1. These are all so great but that last shot takes the cake!

  2. Tiny an distance are both so awesome! I didn't know enough to try the high key prompt, so I went with a literal interpretation. I'll be trying it this week, though.

  3. Great shots, like the something tiny.

  4. Abi - love these :D High key was hard - I think you nailed it though! I love the one of your SIL - what a fantastic shot!!!! And tiny was cute too. Well done, Friend.

  5. Your out in thd distance shot is great!

  6. Great interpretations ~ especially love the stripes!

  7. My hubby and son are watching "Lord of the Rings" in Blue Ray, and with a little crop off the bottom, your Off in the Distance shot can pass for a scene in the movie ;-)