Monday, May 16, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Well, I'm putting this post up on Monday. Again. I really like to have it done early in the week but ALL of these photos were taken on Saturday or later! oh well, better late than never, right? 
I had so much fun hunting this week, but that's the beauty of the hunt because it's always challenging and fun. So here we go...

 1. Give Me Flowers
On Saturday I cut some flowers. I always shake the Hydrangea bunches gently before I put them in the vase because apparently they are a great hiding place for bugs, spiders and... frogs? This little guy held on even though he was shaken. It's like he was saying:
"Give me the flowers lady, and no one gets hurt."
I called his bluff and he wisely chose a different bunch of flowers to guard :)

2. Visual Contrast
Can we say opposite? Mr. Cheerful and Miss Grumpus.... but don't believe her for a second!
3. Friendship
...they are both sweet!

4. Before & After 
need I say more?

5. Dark  
My husband is something of a car fanatic (he's so awesome :) -this weekend he and his brother changed the whole suspension system and the brakes on my husband's BMW. They started Friday evening and were finished by late Saturday afternoon- I'm so impressed! P.S. I took this photo around 1:30 Saturday morning, and then went to bed.
They kept working 'till 3.
Hmm. If I need coffee so desperately, I wonder how the guys are feeling? 


  1. I wish I had tiny green frogs in my flowers (not that I have flowers yet). ;)

  2. Your frog pic is amazing! I love the green with the purple.

  3. The kids are so cute and the before and after is so me!! Very creative!!

  4. These are so so incredible - it started with that adorable frog and then those sweet happy faces! I just loved the whole collection. Great job!

  5. Wonderful set! The frog and your visual contrast--amazing! Love the friendship shot!

  6. The second wins hands down. great shots Abi!

  7. I love these. Each and every one!!! The flowers with the froggy - cute ;D Your kiddos... wow! Could they be any more darling?!?! And I really love your take on Before/After. Well done (worth the wait, for sure ;D)

  8. Friendship shot is amazing.

  9. Abi, in reply to your comment on the family pics I posted: Thank you so much! It really was fun, despite having one kid completely meltdown and having to retrieve him. Going into it with the mindset that they weren't going to be perfectly posed or smiling made it perfect for me. It's real life for us, and they turned out (almost) exactly as I envisioned. My boys were laughing so hard at themselves for being in charge of the remote. You should totally try it, even if you have to use the timer. Think how your kiddos will be laughing at you running back and forth! :)

    I think I'm going to make it a monthly project for our family.

    Also, if you're comfortable selecting "show email" on your blogger profile, I'll be able to reply directly to your comments when they land in my email.