Friday, June 24, 2011

What's up with sidewalk chalk...

What is it about sidewalk chalk that's so magical?
Well, we all know that it can transform the driveway into a big game board, a major highway
or a huge ocean that everyone can jump "into." 

We know it's something the kids can do without getting hurt 
(well, as long as they don't color down to the nub- concrete can be rough on your knuckles)!
We also know that you can write on anything (except vehicles!)
just wash it off and you can do it again! 

For kids, I think they love the colorful, dusty mess everywhere.
For moms, I think the charm is in the clean up- toss that dust bunny in the tub and...
You have your sweet little child back as if by magic, happy and ready for bed.
What's your take on sidewalk chalk?


  1. How neat. Loved what you drew. Amazing!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. YOu really have managed to make sidewalk chalk magical.

  3. Such a little sweetie! looks like mom might have been colouring a bit . . .

  4. beautiful pictures! I'm not usually a fan of sidewalk chalk (too messy), but I think you may have convinced me!

    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. You are too sweet!

  5. What adorable pictures, your art is pretty spectacular too.

  6. These are beautiful photos and such lovely sidewalk chalk it! this makes me think Lila and I need to play with sidewalk chalk 2morro

  7. these are SO beautiful Abi!!!! :) Love that you got involved and did some of your beautiful art on the driveway too. It's so fun to see Kara in that shirt that KA wore constantly when she was that age (as did Emma). Your kids are just too adorable.