Monday, January 16, 2012

Fabulous... Monday?

I thought I would link up with Fabulous Friday but as you can see... it's not Friday! 
Apparently I got distracted and didn't post this but I love the softness of Darcy's fur too much to leave her in the files.
title: soft
While I wouldn't call today "fabulous" I have certainly had worse. My kiddos are on the mend which means lots of grumping and scrapping but the weather was gorgeous and as soon as we went outside we could feel the angst melting away (well, almost). We crammed all the important activities into our precious outdoor time: riding bikes, swinging, feeding the bunnies fresh grass and drawing with sidewalk chalk. That fresh air and bunny TLC made all the difference in the world- I even feel renewed patience and gentleness (a much needed gift from God) now if it can just last 'till bed time...

How about you? I hope your week is starting out well!

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  1. wonderful what a little sunshine can do for attitudes! God is good to us!