Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

My mouse is dying so I've used minimal Photoshop and we'll keep this short and sweet! 
1. Stacked Up
oh look, the princess rescued the prince!
2. Winter Wonderland
Are we in Narnia?

 3. Sweet
I would gladly use a photo of my husband here but as you know, my sweet husband can be stubborn when it comes to having his picture taken! 
 4. Hole
 5. Frozen 

Check out the fabulous Ashley Sisk and other entries here:


  1. THe soft colors in your sweet shot are so pretty!

  2. Beautiful job - I love winter wonderland!

  3. Wonderful shots. Love the second, third and last photos.

  4. Aww... Your "stacked' is so sweet and I thought your "hole" ingenious! The whipped cream canister. Very clever! :) Great set. :)

  5. Wonderful set. They are all so beautiful, I love the perspective on the sweet shot. It took me a moment to realize what it was, but when I did I was so impressed! I never realized it was star shaped before!

  6. Wonderful set, love stacked up and the commentary! Love the colours in frozen and hole is so clever. Thanks for your lovely comment at mine, you gave me a good giggle! :-)