Sunday, January 8, 2012

Four Scavenger Hunt Items (and a couple soft things)

It's been a while since I participated in Scavenger Hunt Sunday... so if I find two things that fall under the category of soft do I get extra points? Just kidding, I really enjoyed the hunt this week.

1. One Color
(no photoshop here, I promise! I found this shiny bronze thing on our new back deck)
2. Laundry
I love how it says "energy preferred" -yes please- I would like some energy!
3. Empty
My husband likes this drink a lot. It gives him a little spring in his step but he can drink one
and go straight to sleep, no problem.
I drank one once and it gave me SO much energy,
I felt like I could defeat an army or clean the house from top to bottom in approx. 3 seconds.
So I 'm keeping one on hand  in case of a Zombie Apocalypse... or unexpected company... whichever comes first ;)
4. One Dozen

5. Soft
two count them TWO soft and squishy, chubby bunnies! Aren't they adorable?

Check out Ashley Sisk's awesome blog: Ramblings and Photos if you want to join the fun and see what the other hunters have found!


  1. Oh I like how you think! Those bunnies look so Soft!
    Fun Laundry shot and comment about the preferred energy.

  2. Woof!
    Another soft animal! Woohoo.
    Woof, I want energy too!

  3. I love your first shot! I am the same way with energy drinks, maybe I should get one and get the apartment all cleaned today!

  4. Your entry items are spectacular! I especially love the laundry one.

  5. Really great job Abi - I'm loving your eye for composition this week.

  6. Great choices!!!!
    Very creative......:-D
    Happy shooting!

  7. Great shots, I love the first one, and empty shots. Very nice!