Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scavenging Again

1. Crossed
  2. A Glimpse
 3. Handwritten
 4. Bliss
 5. Gray
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  1. Excellent choices for this week's scavenger hunt - and your Love Letter to Kitty Paw is too cute!

  2. Dear Abi,

    I LOVE these pictures! I love how glimpse is fuzzy so you can only get a glimpse no matter how hard you try otherwise. And crossed is just looks like the rabbit may be trying to get across the floor without touching the crossed lines. I hope he makes it. The macros on bliss and gray were stunning, but zeroing in on the handwritten Love you was my favorite.

    This was a wonderful adventure in viewing--candy for the eyes,

  3. Love the macro shots. The gray is my fave.

  4. Your macro shots are inspiring to me! This is a wonderful set!

  5. I love, wonderful pictures, the five are very good. Greetings.

  6. These are so great! I love the bunny, so cute. But, my favorite would be the bliss image!! I love images that show the details of nature!!

  7. Wow! These are beautiful! I especially love cross and gray. Thank you for following made my day. And now I'm following you too! Love your blog!

  8. Oh wow, these are so cute. Love gray!

  9. Great set Abi. That bunny is adorable and the water shot is fantastic. So crisp and clear. And thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to find more SHS folks to come back to each week.

  10. These are all fabulous Abi!! I can't pick a favourite, but "crossed" is so adorable and I love your "gray"!