Saturday, February 18, 2012

Striking Hunter

This fellow is probably the #1 reason we chose not to let our chickens free range... 
This morning as I opened the door of the chicken house he swooped down so fast he made my head spin. I think he was surprised to find that his breakfast was encased in chicken wire because he hit the ground pretty hard beside me and he still looks a little ruffled here.
 f/6.3, 1/250s, ISO 500, 85mm (I got pretty close!)

He is not giving up so easily and he has been pacing outside the coop on foot, waiting for the juicy little biddies to come out of hiding...  
My kids suddenly view hawks differently from before. My oldest son used to point to the sky and ask "Vultured or Hawk?" (yes, he really calls them 'vultureds') and if I answered "It's a Hawk!" he would get all excited and listen for the distinctive scream. 
But this morning that same son called out "You can't eat our chickens, you big old meanie!" I'm proud of him for being protective of our little flock but I wonder how we are going to explain that our chickens are 
dual purpose....

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  1. That thing eats chickens?? Yikes! ...and your son's comment to the hawk had me LOL! :) I hope that hawk gives up soon and leaves your chickens alone.