Tuesday, May 8, 2012

100 M&M's

Ok, so the theme over at my3boybarians.com is 100 and I laughed when I saw that theme because my plan was to post about potty training! A number of  interpretations ran through my head: 100 sprints to the potty? 100 minutes of sitting on the potty? 100 accidents? I hope not! We just started yesterday and he is already doing really well! He caught on faster than I expected, woke up dry from nap and quickly discovered that he gets m&m's every time he goes "pshhhh" (as he calls it) in the potty- huge motivator for this little guy! Still, I'm telling myself not to expect an overnight transition- especially since I'm going to miss that part of his babyhood. So I'm thinking that he will probably receive approximately 100 M&M's candies by the time he's proficient at this whole potty thing. And if he's trained before he gets all 100, I think I'll give him the candy anyway ;)
What do you think?

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, mom! I think I wrote this post too late at night- it sounds kind of cynical and I didn't mean it that way!

  2. How precious! As ready as I am to be done with diapers I'm dreading the whole potty training thing.

    1. Thanks Candace, I know what you mean- it can be intense!

  3. Love the pic; how sweet. Ah, give him the candy ;o)