Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In loving memory

Today we are missing two little friends...

we don't know exactly what happened last night but we found a few clues: their hutch had been knocked over backwards and the lid was open, there are chew marks on the front of the hutch, some blood stains on their little house and a large paw print in the mud close by. 

When we told the children that Darcy and Bingley are gone, my little girl said 
"Call 911! We have a bunny emergency!" 
my littlest boy said "bye bye buhees."
and my biggest boy prayed "Dear God please bring our bunnies home safely!"
As you may imagine, there have been tears shed around here... and it's not just the kids. 
 I loved how snuggly and gentle they were,
and how spunky and inquisitive they were. 
 But I especially loved how the children enjoyed them.

  We really enjoyed our little friends, I have this irrational hope that our girls escaped the danger and are happily digging burrows, hopping around together and lounging in a field somewhere... doing the things they enjoyed most.


  1. Oh no! I am so sad to hear this. Your bunnies were so sweet and cuddly. My family enjoyed them too. They will all be so upset to hear this news. Please give everyone a hug from us, and let them know we're thinking of you all.

  2. Thanks, girl! Your kids were so sweet with the bunnies... maybe we will buy more soon :)

  3. Oh Abi!!!! I'm so so sorry to hear that. What a sad day.