Friday, May 25, 2012


The Case of the Missing Bunny 

I can hardly believe that our bunny is missing again. When she came home last week after her trying experience my husband secured the roof of the hutch and screwed a board across the front and the bottom so the hutch couldn't be chewed open, pushed open or tipped backward again. We were confident that she was completely safe... and in fact, the hutch isn't tipped over or opened up but the truth remains. 

Darcy is gone.

Our only clues at present are: the hutch has been pushed sideways, the water and feeder have both been pulled off and with the feeder gone there is a 3x5" opening in the side of the hutch.
I don't have the energy to go take a pic of the opening but I think you can see here that there is a skinny opening for the feeder. 
We are completely baffled. The opening in the side seems much too small for a dog (who is big enough to push the hutch cattywumpus) and it even seems too small for our bunny to fit through!
My little girl's theory is that a bad guy came, took Darcy out and released her to the wild.

Her guess is as good as mine!