Friday, July 6, 2012

Fabulous Thursday...or Friday

Hey, how was your week? Did you have a delightful Independence Day? 
It was so nice to have the holiday in the middle of the week but I keep getting my days mixed up.
I think I've got it all straight now- today is Thursday, right? ;)
This month I'm taking a Photography class from my sister at Sweet Violet- so far, so good!
This week's topic was Aperture- how it effects depth of field and light.
Here's my homework:
Day 1- Indoor Depth of Field Practice
Aperture Practice Indoors (Day 1)
Sweet Violet Assignment- Aperture Practice (Day 1)
Day 2- Outdoor Depth of Field Practice 
Aperture Practice (Day 2)
Aperture Practice Outdoor (Day 2)
Day 3- Basic Skills PracticePractice (Day3)
Day 4- Extra Challenge: Ordinary Beauty
Extra Challenge (Day 4)
Day 5- Snapshot of My Life
(Day 5) Snapshot of My Life

Tune in next time for Shutter homework! Joy!

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  1. Day three is neat!

    Love the stache in Day 5! :)

    New follower. Stopping by from the Fabulous Friday Blog Hop. Nice to meet ya.