Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

This week was quite a roller coaster.
Those unexpected dips and curves made my heart hurt. You know that feeling?
 But you know what, I am confident that God is just as good now as He has always been :)
So, on with a new day and a new week:

I didn't really rise to my own expectations with these prompts,
but I certainly enjoyed them!
How about you?

1. Wrapped
07 20 12_0279
2. Time Together
07 23 12_0353
3. Tell Me A Story
07 23 12_0360
These crickets were destined to be chicken snacks but my tender-hearted little girl intervened (she sure knows how to work those tears) so we gave them their freedom.
4. Love
IMG_3801 copy

5. Duplicated
07 16 12_0151


  1. I had so many questions after looking at your "time together" photo, that it was really fun to see the next one. "Tell me a story", with your caption, really was the whole story. Love it (and your daughter's compassion for the crickets).

  2. These are great! I love how you made a simple row a photos into an interesting story and so imaginative finding "love".I think these are fabulous!Your kids are gorgeous!