Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It was quiet...

Everything was going wonderfully... my house was clean, my husband was bringing home pizza. Everything would be ready when our friends arrived in a couple minutes. I was adding the finishing touches to the dessert, and the kids were quiet. Too quiet in fact. I listened carefully as I finished the frosting. 

What was that noise? 

It was a familiar sound, but one that I hadn't heard for quite a while. 

The toilet roll? Sure enough, my three year old was working fast. 

"I wike the wind it makes" was her only defense.
As I took a deep breath and cleaned up the mess I heard the same sound, but far away. 
I ran to the master bathroom where my 21 month old was working the same mischief! 
He just chuckled. 
That's when my 5 year old piped up: "sorry mom, we were both laughing."

Well, if that's the price I have to pay for that lovely moment of quiet, I'll take it! 
But I think I'll listen out more carefully in the future. 

Especially when they get quiet.