Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Snappy Little Photo Session

Hey! I did a real photo shoot yesterday! I was really excited before the session but after the session I was really, really, excited because I got some good stuff. I just new it.
The kids were super cute and although they weren't at all interested in posing, their mom was super awesome. She got her little guy to smile when he didn't feel like humoring me. You see, he was much too busy counting ants, collecting rocks, and throwing dirt.  What a boy! :)
And the little girl? Oh, my goodness. So stinkin' cute! She clapped and laughed but the best part was that her Mom taught her to say "cheese" so no matter what she was doing she said "cheese!" every time she saw me!  I must have taken about 100 photos of her adorable smile.

She's already horse crazy!

As I uploaded these photos the question crossed my mind... are these "snapshots of every day life"? Well, they certainly are ordinary moments captured, but I hope that they are a little bit more special.


  1. These are really cute - love the third to last shot. :)

  2. what lovely kids! the first photo has a special light that captured my attention ...beautiful
    Your blog is full of beautiful photos! following!

  3. oh good for you!! You did SUCH A great job! There are so many beautiful shots here. I especially love the last one :)