Sunday, July 3, 2011

A post without photos

This week has been unusual in many ways,
one of which is that my husband had to take my camera with him on his business trip. I didn't think much of it at first. I have a couple little cameras in the closet but I guess I'm too snobby to pull them out so I haven't really taken any photos all week. Woah. Weird.
My SLR is almost always with me, it's my baby- and many times this week I have mentally run through my check- list before heading out: Big kid? Check. Middle kid? Check. Little kid? Check. Camera... ???!!! oh yes. It's in Florida with daddy *whew*

So... what did I do instead of shooting and editing?

  1. I played outside with the kids in beautiful, golden light and imagined how I would shoot the scene if I had the camera -and of course everything would turn out perfectly on the first click ;)
  2. I still wasted time on the computer. Yeah, it's tough but I managed.
  3. Last but not least, I got a lot of cleaning done! I was on fire! I got caught up on dishes & laundry, my bathrooms are literally sparkling, I mopped every floor (except the carpet ;) and I vacuumed three times this week (*gasp!*) 

Well, my dear husband came home and he brought back my baby!

What does that mean?

I've got some Scavenger Hunt photos to take!

House cleaning just got moved to the bottom of the list... again :)

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