Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dress Up Party!

Yesterday was my little girl's birthday, and we were so happy to spend it with family and friends...
 who dressed up in all sorts of wonderful costumes!
There were a couple adorable kitties, a dog named Bolt, an Army Ninja Zoro Dude :)
Princesses, Spider man, a space cowboy, a super hero, a beautiful fairy...
 and a shark!

And as Dr. Seuss says in his wonderful book Happy Birthday to You:

"And the Birthday Pal-alace heats up with hot friends
And your party goes on!
 On and on
till it ends..."

"When it ends,
You're much happier,
Richer and fatter.
And the Bird flies you home
on a very soft platter."

And we are happy to report that the birthday princess is still our own four year old girl, who asked if she could wear her new sparkly nail polish to bed :)


  1. Oh my...what a fun little party. Love the cake♥

  2. Looks like the cutest party I have ever seen!
    Your photos have such vision and perspective.
    Thanks for linking up, or I would not of seen your blog.

  3. Looks like such a fun party with so many cute costumes! Love the cake too! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  4. Such a fun theme! That cake is adorable!

  5. Oh my goodness. That cake is FANTASTIC! What a gorgeous cake. You did great! : ) I love your pictures of her very special party! Fantastic. I always love seeing your images. You make my day brighter : )

  6. yum! that cake looks fantastic! I once had my own dress-up birthday party not long ago (I know we're a bit old for this, but the fun never leaves!!) so we walked around town as cow-boys and robbers! the look one the farmer's faces XD !

  7. aww happy birthday to her... my sons 5th birthday was on the 25th also :o)