Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to You!

That's right, today my little girl had a birthday. And now she is four!

This time last year she didn't say too much but this year she has really come into her own!
 Here are just a few of her cute sayings:

Me: Hey girly, do you smell that rose? 
My girl: no, I only smell my nose.

As she was swinging outside she said "If somebody gets kicked in the head, he will go to the hospital and get a new head."

“Mom, can you make me in charge of da boys?”

"Momma, can I have a big boy cup?"

 As I helped her get ready for bed, she was singing "discovering momma and everyone!" I asked her what "discovering" means to which she answered "Oh, you know! We go 'scovering around in our van!"

When she accidentally poured water on herself she cried “that water was so wet!!’

Bedtime prayer: "thank you God, that I didn't get eaten by a shark or a monster, thank you that Mommy didn't get eaten by a shark or a monster, thank you that Daddy didn't get eaten by a shark or a monster....." (and yes she went through the whole family that way)!

Big brother- "When I grow up I'm going to be a preacher and I'm going to preach the gospel of Luke!" Little sister- "Well I'm going to be a princess and have a kitty cat."

At nap time today my girl said "yesterday my ‘maginary friend Pwincess had an EEMERGANCY. A bad guy with spikes came to her house. That was the emergency. So Pwincess picked up her house with her mom and dad and her bwuders still inside. That scared the bad guy away. Then Pwincess picked up her eye balls because they accidentally popped out."

One day as we prepared to go outside I told the kids that I was going to get the wheelbarrow from under the house. Big brother went to put on his boots and little sister called out "Hurry! Mom's about to pick up the house!"

"if we don't have regular crackers, we can just use fire crackers!"

“I’m allergic to Hippos, Giraffes and Alligators, so we can’t keep them in the house.”

The children were all sick and when their Daddy offered vitamin C to them for the first time he explained that it would help them feel better. Little girl came back after a couple minutes and said "I need a nudder of does candies because my fumb hurts." 

When we read the part in Pinkalicious where the little girl's dad gives her a bath to wash away the pink my girl said "why would he want to wash off pink?

After a bit of a grumpy day she said “I love you mom! I won’t get rid of you”

The boys are watching a documentary about the Blue Angels... little girl was bored after a few minutes and as she got up to leave she said "If you see a pink angel or a purple angel, let me know."

As she looked out at the evening sky she said "Oh no. The sun is about to sit down!"

We made baking soda/vinegar volcanoes this morning- each kid added food coloring of their choice and after little girl's "erupted" green she said "That is NOT much like a real volcano- a real volcano is big and black and scary."

After I bought a silver dress to wear to a wedding she said "Mom, your dress is not much beautiful. You should have gone to the wedding store where I got my flower girl dress and picked the big pink one." 

April 7, 2012 as she cleaned up her room “I’m doing my job but I still don’t like my outfit.”
 “My bones are too big for me to sleep”

After hearing Rich Mullins sing 
So if I stand let me stand on the promise 
That you will pull me through 
And if I can't, let me fall on the grace 
That first brought me to You
She said “Hmmm, maybe I need to hop off the promise so someone else can have a turn”

As we walked into the store I asked my children “Ok, what’s the most important rule?” (thinking they would answer “Stay close to mom”) I was surprised when my little girl immediately piped up enthusiastically “don’t show your butt!”

The children are learning the long vowels and we have a marching song that goes "A for apron, E for eagle..." but when we get to U my little girl sings “U for United steaks!”

With pouty lips, she asked  “why can’t I marry daddy?” I answered “because I’m already married to daddy” she smiled and said “right, and it wouldn’t be nice to take your married…. but I might take daddy when it’s time to dance!” 

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!


  1. This is SO sweet!! and BTW showcases what an amazing photographer -you are. LOVE that B&W and the last one is also especially amazing. LOVE you :)

    P.S. After we came home from our last visit with you Josiah asked "Can we go visit Aunt Abi again?" I said "Yes! Another day we'll go see them all again" now nearly every other day he asks me "is it another day yet?!"