Sunday, August 28, 2011

Five Items & A Camera

This week started out so well. 
I took "Old and New" on Sunday and I was so pleased with it straight out of the camera that I felt confident this collection would come together beautifully. As the week went on I was filled with doubt- I chose 5 but I kept on shooting, just in case I found something better. 
I uploaded 10 photos instead of 5 and the funny thing is, 
I ended up choosing the ones I took in the first place! 

1. Old & New

 2. Night Photography

 3. Music

4. Cheesy

 5. Sun


  1. Sometimes we just have to trust our gut! I have yet to take my photos today, but was scanning through the entries...your set is lovely! The first is my fave, nice go on that.

  2. Love your music and sun shots! Stunning!

  3. These are so great - loving the last two shots especially.

  4. Oh I love the music photos and the sun shot. Gorgeous.


  5. Oh such great pictures! I love them all! You did such a lovely job with each of them! :)


  6. Love the music and sun shot! Great set!

  7. Beautiful shots! I can't pick a favorite!

  8. Fantastic set Abi! LOVE your take on old and new, and gorgeous shot! Love the light in sun, and music and cheesy are so gorgeous, love them.
    Thank you for your lovely comment, definitely not the case in my opinion, but thank you, I discard a lot and do editing to fix some, I'm still learning a lot.

  9. Cute shots of the kids! I especially like the music shots!