Friday, August 26, 2011

Sunshine and Window Markers

Yesterday, my littlest little guy was very restless. 
My "big" kids were doing their workbooks at the table and my little one rejected all my attempts to distract him: water colors, stickers, crayons and markers- he would have none of it. 
That's when I remembered the window markers from my mother in law.
Wonder of wonders, they worked! He was entranced, and I was relieved to have some peace and quiet.
My little girl finished her coloring and matching shapes in her work book so she moved to the window. 
She made a big circle and said "Look Mom, I made a sun! and there's you and me under the sun." 

 Now, I usually resist anything that might make a mess but as I watched them color I remembered the importance of letting them have fun even if it makes a mess. These didn't make a terrible mess but I feel myself turning a corner... a friend once told me that when it comes to arts and crafts, creativity can be measured by how messy you get. Well then... let the creativity begin!
Of all the photos I've taken this week, this is hands down my favorite :)


  1. This makes me want to draw on my windows - how fun!

  2. Window markers...what a great idea! You have such a cute the paint can background! :D

  3. I want to try that!

    Thanks for stopping by! I just saw your wonderful comments today. Thanks for the compliments, you made my day!!

    Stop by again!