Friday, August 12, 2011

Give Me The Basil

The recipe called for basil. I ran outside for a handful and I was in a bit of a hurry so didn't notice
the stowaway...

He kept an eye on me. Even when he turned his head, his eyes turned back to look at me. He stood his ground too! He hung on to that little bunch of basil while I took a few photos, changed lenses and took a few more! He hung on right up until I offered to put him back on his basil bush and it reminded me of the little frog who didn't want to give up his flowers.
I'm beginning to think I have a knack for inadvertently picking up critters. And that's okay with me as long as it's not a spider... I really hate spiders... which I need to get over quickly because just today my oldest boy said that he's longing to hold a spider.

 Deep breaths. Just take deep breaths...

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  1. What a fun photography bonus. You captured his personality perfectly ;-)

  2. I love praying mantis, they are such elegant little creatures.

  3. Okay, that last shot is too cool.

  4. Oh I love praying mantis - I see to have the same knack you do. I got a dragonfly onto my finger!! And tell your son I have held a tarantula and it was way cool! Even though I am terrified of spiders (except through the lens)!!

  5. nice praying mantis .... spiders though need to stay far away from me!

  6. We had one of these guys on our back patio wall for the past three days. He just hung out and would move from one wall to the other. Lovely capture!