Monday, August 15, 2011

i heart volunteers

I really love volunteers- flower volunteers to be more specific!
This Zinnia is a volunteer.
And so is this!

And this!
Edit: A volunteer is a plant that re-seeded itself and grew up unexpectedly. 
While it is very exciting to find little sprouts popping up, I don't have any tips for how to make your plants volunteer... I guess that's the nature of "volunteering" isn't it?
So here is a way to harvest your own Marigold seeds:

1. Snip off the dead heads

2. Pull off the petals

3. Open the flower

4. Plant your seeds or save them in a cool, dry place for next year.
It just occurred to me that you'll save about $2.00! ;)
Is anyone else laughing? 

Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. It's make the best volunteers. How creative.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, every single one!

    But I think technically, a volunteer is a seed that falls entirely on it's own and comes up unexpectedly the following year. Seed saving is something else entirely. ;)

  3. Hey Jess, you are absolutely right, I jumped tracks there in the middle! Thanks for calling me on it!

  4. Do you remember Alice Wright's back yard? She had masses of "heritage" Impatiens flowers. They all re-seeded every year. Some of (most of) the new hybrid flowers won't produce viable seeds.

  5. I heart volunteers too! Love you photos, especially the marigold in the garden. I enjoyed watching your marigold sequence.