Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Hey y'all, it's time!
I must say, the items on Ashley Sisk's list are always a good challenge, but this week was particularly fun.
 I hope you were inspired too!

1. Seeing Double

2. Whatever
Flat tire, in the city, at 5 AM, in the rain. I took this photo from inside my car while I waited for my husband to come rescue me. He came with a smile, and changed my tire as the sun rose above him. Whatever happens, he always takes care of me!
3. Sweet
Oh, yes. It was sweet, and chocolate... and now it is gone. 
4. Space
...where a kid can be a kid!
5. Bright
I'm struck by the way the sun is shining in the pouring rain.

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  1. Great set! So glad you hubby came to your rescue....I have never changed a flat..... I think my hubby would have to come save me too ;D Love your space shot - how cute is that one! Oh, and I love when the shine shines through the rain. That's when I am on the look out for rainbows.

  2. Beautiful collection! I'm particularly drawn to the sprinkler shot...I'm a sucker for photos with good perspective!!! Bravo! Funny what photo ops present themselves during a typical day, as I also love your "whatever" shot, particularly the way you chose to compose it.


  3. Your space shot looks amazing! Great job taking it. :)

  4. What fun finds. I like your take on sweet, and the pretty seeing double!

  5. Your space i so great !!!


  6. So glad you had fun with this week's prompts...I love your space shot!

  7. Lots of great photos! I love the perspective, dof, and lighting in your sweet shot!

  8. Neat photos this week and your hubby pic could be sweet too such a sweet stroy.

  9. I LOVE your set and interpretations! I can't pick a favourite!
    Thanks for visiting me @ Chasing Rainbows and your lovely comment.

  10. I love your Space shot! Wonderful perspective. =)

  11. Love your Space interpretation. Cool composition and out of focus

  12. With my own share of flat tires this summer, I hear ya on your "whatever" photo. Kinda inspiring that you ended up right there with that cool view, though.

  13. I love your seeing double and space shots!